Modern Senior Woman


About Us

        One of the scariest things someone could ever experience is watching their parents grow old. What would you give to help your parents maintain their independence while having the ability to prevent life-threatening accidents always having peace of mind knowing that they’re safe. As your parents get older they want to know that they are “cared about and not cared for"

      Many of us have parents who are hitting that age where we have to start taking care of them in different ways. Seniority Smart Home is a company focused on giving you or your parents all the necessary tools to age in place from the comfort of their home. The future of senior living is through smart home technology, we give clients the ability to customize their homes to meet their daily needs. For example, we can automate task like automatically turning on lights when they get out of bed in the middle of the night -automatically changing the colour of light bulbs when it’s time to take their medication and also send alerts to you when the medication is taken. We give them the ability to see who’s at your door without having to get up. They will be able to use their voice to turn on or off the lights, have a robot vacuum scheduled to start cleaning automatically throughout the day At Seniority Smart Homes the possibilities are endless in the ways you’ll be able to take care of your aging parents while giving them the independence that they want and deserve. Without having to place them In expensive and at this time very dangerous senior care centers. Feel free to contact us for any information or for a free quote and assessment. - “The Home that cares”