Smart Home for Seniors is a New Craze in Toronto

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

With increasing trends of hi-tech innovation and digital technology, the real estate business is up for a boom again but it comes with a lot of cutting-edge technology that makes living smarter and more comfortable. One sector that is seeing massive change is seniors aging in place in Canada and the US.

Especially in Toronto, Smart homes for seniors and elderly people are getting very popular and this may be attributed to 2 reasons mainly.

  1. The young generation is rapidly becoming consumed by their professional work for which they tend to have less time to offer (look after) to their parents and grandparents.

  2. Secondly, there is also a demand from the consumers where elderly people can adapt to the latest technology and solutions and live their life comfortably even when living alone.

So what is a Smart Home for seniors?

A smart home for seniors is just a regular-looking home but they are equipped with lots of gadgets, smart sensors, and applications that can help elderly residents age in comfort as old age brings a lot of issues like trouble with movement, bathing, cooking, and even doing activities.

Generally, a smart home for seniors uses smart devices that can help you with automated care for seniors who have to live independently. Smart devices for seniors include a wide array of small sensors, discreet cameras, smoke and emergency alarms, and voice-activated speakers, etc., which intend to make everyday life convenient, safer, and more social for elderly people.

The future of smart home for seniors

As young people are finding it extremely difficult to manage time and look after elderly people, and with a rapidly aging population, the demand for elderly care services and smart homes is also rising day by day. Experts in the field have suggested that there is a lot that can be done for senior citizens by using smart homes that can offer care services in collaboration with technology and smart devices.

We have already seen the massive expansion of social media and how it helped people communicate from distant places. On the other hand, the concept of smart homes for seniors is still being built in Canada, Europe, Asia, and the US.

The future of smart homes will include innovation and implementation at an industrial scale to fit the rising demand of engineers to bring more flexibility, security, and comfort for the elderly consumers.

A smart home can have a wide range of features that will touch every aspect of normal life. Smart homes with smart senior care can not only enhance the quality of life of the senior and elderly population but also learn from the experience of the peoples’ activities and knowledge, which are exactly what smart devices are meant to do. Help the senior citizen, learn from the challenge, sharpen skills, and improvise or enhance living.

Top Benefits of Smart Home for seniors

  1. With smart homes for seniors, you can switch ON/OFF Air Conditioners or turn on the TV or Microwave for your aged mom or dad by sitting at your office.

  2. You can have instant access to all smart devices in the smart home and ask for help in case of an emergency.

  3. Smart homes can also be attached with medication alarms, video-calling doorbells, heart-rate monitors, and intelligent locking and security systems, which are highly essential for elderly citizens in Canada and the US.

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