There is no one single type of smart home for older people as actual configuration should vary according to users’ needs, characteristics and embrace the concept of adaptability as these change over time. That is why we created these simple packages that make it easy to decide which option best suits their individual needs. 


      After meeting with you and taking into account all your needs we then get to work tailoring a smart home unique to you or for your loved one. Thoughtfully assembled, a discreet system is put together that will allow you to monitor and assist a loved one, in emergencies or just day to day, depending on your situation.



The silver package provides automation with a focus on comfort and convience. This includes items such as Automated lighting, robotic vacuums and voice assistant speakers.

Gold Package - Seniority Smart Homes


The gold package centers around safety and security which combines the key essentials in smart home technology. This includes items such as, heart rate monitors, video doorbells, medication alerts, and smart locks. 

Platinum Package- Seniority Smart Homes


The platnium package takes smart home living above and beyond. This option is the

culmination of the previous two packages and more. Delivering the ultimate peace of mind to you and your family.

The À la carte option is created to give you the ultimate in customization. Grow your smart home at your own pace by choosing individual items that fit your specific needs.

À la carte

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